Today was an exciting day for me, full of spring time fun!!! I was super stoked for the Madpea Easter Egg Farm event! For those of you who haven’t ever had the pleasure of visiting the Madpea SIM, you are missing out! They have the best Hunts, and games in SL. (personal opinion!) The prizes are always fantastic, and the hunts are immersive and fun!

I was waiting around for the Easter Egg farm to open, so I could participate, and the SIM is so beautifully decorated, I just HAD to snap a photo!!!

I am So excited about today’s Prize as well!

(Visit here!) You’ll be glad you did!

Today’s Prize Was ADORABLE: It was This cute little welcome mat!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair By: Magika
Dress By : *ZD*
Shoes By : Garbaggio
Glasses By : DS